Nathaniel Development Corporation provides land development services. This requires a great deal of time and expertise. Any use of raw land must blend with the environment and surrounding communities, be architected for form and purpose, and be prototyped, reviewed and researched for potential issues. It must also be subjected to numerous tests to ensure engineering soundness, and finally approved by numerous governmental agencies and other interested parties. Nathaniel can help:

Find the Land. The first stage is finding developable land. To do this expertly requires a seasoned research team and a network of external contacts, including local government officials, business leaders, real estate brokers, etc. This due diligence process helps Nathaniel locate land with maximum potential.

Acquire the Land. Once Nathaniel identifies suitable raw land we negotiate favorable terms to acquire it. There are a number of ways we do this, but the two most common are purchasing the land upfront or negotiating an “option to purchase agreement” in which the rights to buy the raw land by a set date at a set price are obtained.

Plan Land Use. Next, we draft architectural plans for the proposed economic use of the raw land, for example, family and senior housing communities, professional office sites, retail outlets or research and manufacturing facilities.

Facilitate the Entitlement Process. Then, we submit the proposed plans to the appropriate governmental entities. This “entitlement process” involves “earning” multiple critical sign-offs and approvals required for the newly proposed land use.

Build the Infrastructure. Following the entitlement process, Nathaniel begins work on the infrastructure, such as access to utilities, municipal water, sewer and roadways. After transforming raw land into “ready-and-approved-to-build condition,” Nathaniel General Contractors is poised to begin construction.